If you’ve recently adopted a new puppy, or you’re thinking about adopting one in the future, it’s important to start training your furry friend before they develop bad habits like jumping, biting, and barking. While some pet owners stray away from these programs because they are afraid of the expense, there are many affordable puppy training programs available. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why puppy preschool is so important to the development of your pooch.

If you live in Mooresville and you’re interested in signing your puppy up for puppy preschool, contact the dog trainers at The Dog Wizard today. As a leader in dog training throughout North Carolina, we’re dedicated to helping your puppy develop appropriate and loving habits. We also offer aggression rehab and socialization classes for dogs who need a little more personal attention.

What Is Puppy Preschool?

Unlike other traditional dog training classes, puppy preschools are specifically designed for dogs between the ages of eight to sixteen weeks. This is a very critical developmental period for most dogs, and enrolling your four legged friend in a puppy preschool class will help build trust and respect with your dog. More often than not, puppy training classes take place at a dog training facility or pet supply store, but some trainers prefer training new dogs outdoors. Most training classes and camps are held once a week for about eight weeks, and your dog trainer will usually focus on two or three things throughout each class. Whether it’s teaching your puppy how to sit, stay, rollover, or play well with other dogs, a puppy training class can help you set a good foundation for your dog’s behavior.

Puppy Socialization

Socialization is one of the most important parts if any puppy training class. Unless you sign up for private lessons, your puppy preschool will likely take place with around five to ten other dogs. These classes are a great opportunity for your furry friend to sniff, play, and communicate with our canines. The more your puppy is exposed to at a young age, the more accepting he or she will be of different experiences later in life. When you enroll your pooch in a puppy preschool, your dog is much less likely to become fearful or aggressive towards other dogs or humans.

Basic Obedience

Another perk of puppy preschool is teaching your dog how to perform basic obedience commands. At the very least, you should learn how to teach your puppy to sit, lie down, and walk on a loose leash during these training sessions. Some trainers will focus on other commands as well, such as come, sit, and stay.

Puppy Preschool in Mooresville

If you recently adopted a new puppy and you’re interested in signing up for puppy preschool, contact the dog trainers at The Dog Wizard in Mooresville today. For as little as $275, you can sign up for unlimited puppy training classes with one of our certified dog trainers. If you’d like to learn more about our puppy preschool or you have questions regarding your puppy’s behavior, contact us today!