If you recently adopted a new puppy, you’re probably excited to start teaching your four-legged friend new tricks. From basic obedience commands to advanced tricks, dog training can be both an engaging and rewarding experience for you and your dog. By nature, your furry friend wants your approval, however it’s up to you to teach your new family member how to properly behave inside and outside the house. In this blog, we’ll look at a few important training tips for your pooch so you can develop a strong and trusting bond with your dog.

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Potty Training Your Dog

If you plan on keeping your furry friend indoors, you’ll need to teach your puppy how to potty train for obvious reasons. Toilet training is often a time of trial and stress for new dog owners, but it’s important to remember that the stress is only temporary. Once your pup starts to understand that their potty training practices will be rewarded, they’ll start to learn that it’s appropriate to go to the bathroom outside. The earlier you start training your pup, the better. Keep in mind that young dogs are still developing sufficient bowel and bladder control, so it’s important to be patient with them.

When you begin potty training your puppy, start by confining them to a fairly restricted area in your home. This could be a single room or a dog crate if you plan on crate training your furry friend. As your puppy starts to learn the ins and outs of potty training, you can start to gradually expand their indoor area to roam. Below are a few tips for effective potty training.

  • Keep your puppy on regular mealtimes. When your dog is on a regular feeding schedule, there will be less surprises during the potty training process. While it may be difficult to withhold tasty treats from your cute puppy during this time, it will be worth it in the long run.
  • Offer your dog frequent potty training opportunities. When you bring your puppy home from the shelter, make sure you give them plenty of opportunities to take care of business outside. Start taking your furry friend outside every 30 minutes or so throughout the day.
  • Stay outside with your dog during their potty breaks until they have taken care of business. If your dog goes potty right away, make sure to give them plenty of praise for their good deed. Reward them with love, treats, and extra playtime inside. Soon enough, your dog will realize that if they go to the bathroom outside, they will be rewarded.

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