In our last blog, we looked at one of the keys to successfully walking your dog: choosing the right equipment. Choosing the wrong equipment can set you up for failure before you even step foot out the door. Here, we will look at some tips to help you once you are ready for your walk.

Maintain control from the get-go

A good walk begins before you even signal to your dog that it is time for a walk. Many people will hype up their dog by getting them over-excited for the impending walk. Once the dog is over-stimulated it can be tough to get them back to the relaxed state they should be in to help you maintain control over the walk. Instead, be calm when preparing for your walk.

Lead the walk

Once you and your dog are ready for your walk, ensure that you are in the lead at all times. This begins in your home. Be sure to lead your dog out the door, instead of letting them pull you through the door. When you are out on your walk, do not allow your dog to dictate the pace.

Reward your dog after the walk

You should aim to schedule your walk before a meal. When you do this, your dog will begin to correlate going on a walk with receiving a reward.

We hope these tips help you more effectively walk your dog. Learning to walk your dog will help you in all other aspects of training. Contact us today to learn more about our Mooresville dog training programs.