In this two-part blog series, we will begin to touch on some of the ways you can prepare your dog for a new baby in the house. Here are two things you can begin to do in the months leading up to your baby being born:

Practice walking with a stroller
As soon as you get your stroller, begin to incorporate it into your daily walks. This will help both you and your dog get used to the new routine well in advance of the baby coming home. Be sure that you can reliably control your dog while pushing the stroller, and that your dog continues to respect your (hopefully) pre-established leadership even as you pay attention to the stroller. Doing this before the baby arrives will help you and your dog build the confidence needed to continue on healthy and productive walks once the baby is with you.

Begin to dial back attention
It may seem tough, but the fact is your dog is going to receive much less attention once the baby comes home. Don’t let this be a sudden change. Begin to slowly, but surely, dial back the amount of one-on-one attention your dog gets each day. This will get your dog used to the new paradigm that will undoubtedly set in once baby is home. This doesn’t mean you need to forget about your dog, or neglect them. But establishing a daily routine will be extremely important for balancing your dog’s needs with your and your new baby’s needs.

Our Mooresville dog training expert can help you create an effective game plan for getting your dog ready for a new baby in the house. Call today! Look for part two of this series soon.