dreamstime_12311311An obedient dog can not only make your life easier, but has many other benefits as well. Dog obedience training provides mental stimulation that is not only fun for your dog, but it can also help them to be more productive during the day and feel more balanced. We believe that obedience training establishes a language between you and your dog that you both can understand so that your communication is more effective. You are more directly able to convey commands like sit, place, heel, come, and down so that your dog can understand you and there is less frustration involved.

Your dog’s obedience training should not have to change their personality, but rather enhance it allowing them to feel your positive energy and praise from their good behaviors. Take your dog more places, and make them feel like the good dog that they are.

Our dog obedience classes at the Dog Wizard in Lake Norman are designed to establish a full off leash result where you can rely on your dog to behave and listen to all commands. What you say must be understood as mandatory, not optional to your dog no matter the situation. Through our obedience programs we incorporate distraction training so that your dog can be taught to behave well in real life scenarios. Our goal is to enhance your relationship with your beloved dog, enabling you to work as a team and thrive on the structure created.

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Our certified dog trainers are more than willing to come to your house for obedience training lessons to make our programs as convenient as possible for you and your pooch. We will start with a series of lessons in your home where your dog is most comfortable. Once your dog has grasped an understanding of their expected behaviors, we’ll schedule to meet at more distracting environments to proof the command training.

Once you have finished the program, we suggest that you attend weekly group lessons or socialization classes at our Lake Norman location so your dog can retain lessons and continue learning their obedience skills. We offer unlimited lessons until all of your goals with your dog are met!



In our Lake Norman location, training with us is a 14-day intensive program where your dog will stay with us. It is kind of like a doggy summer camp! Through the 14 day stay, we will teach your dog all the basic commands and test them in all possible environments.

Your dog will have lots of fun going to the park, shopping centers, and being surrounded by other dogs in our facility. We will take the time to focus on your dog and address any issues that are specific to your dog’s training problems. After the 14 days are done, we will bring your dog home to you and then teach you the language of obedience that your dog has learned.

This program is ideal for dog owners that have limited time at home to spend with their dog training, and also for dogs who have demanding issues that you need more attention directed towards.

When your dog stays with us, we will spend all day training and working through any problems that arise so that when your dogs come back home to you, it is easy to maintain the success that we have achieved in just 14 days! We offer unlimited lessons until all your goals with your dog has been obtained at your home.


Group obedience lessons are included for free in all of our Obedience Training Programs in Lake Norman. You can begin to come to these group lessons once your dog has finished their program. Our group classes are meant to reinforce all lessoned learned in a distracting environment  and serve as continued support for all of our clients. Classes are held in different Lake Norman area locations which are listed weekly in our Events Calendar and we highly suggest people to come as much as they like for the rest of their dog’s life! We consider each of our clients as part of our Dog Wizard Family and look forward to seeing all of our graduates at Group Class each week.