Whether you recently adopted a new puppy, or you’ve been trying to teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling for years, our dog trainers understand how important it is for you and your canine friend to enjoy stress free strolls outside. Unfortunately for many dog owners, taking their dog on a walk can seem more like a chore than a relaxing retreat. At The Dog Wizard in Lake Norman, we’ve helped hundreds of dog owners learn how to encourage positive leash walking behaviors in their dog so they can walk their pooch without having to worry about them pulling and tugging the whole time.

dreamstime_16058652Dog Training & Leash Walking Programs

Teaching your dog to walk correctly on a leash is one of the most important skills for your dog to master. If you’re tired of your dog lunging at other canines during walks, trying to chase squirrels and birds or jumping on other people, sign up for our leash walking program today! Our programs are customized with your dog’s personality and behaviors in mind and all of our lessons will be held at your local neighborhood and nearby parks so your dog can learn these positive behaviors in a comfortable and familiar environment. When you sign up for one of our leash walking programs, you’ll receive:

  • A complementary slip leash and treat pouch
  • Your choice of private or group lessons (our group lessons are small and intimate, with only 3-5 other dogs present)
  • 3 private lessons or 4 group lessons at your home and in high distraction areas
  • A customized leash walking approach from our certified dog trainers
  • Best practices on basic canine obedience commands such as heel, sit and stay

Contact the professional dog trainers at The Dog Wizard today to learn more about our leash walking and obedience classes, or sign up for a Free Evaluation today!

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