Bringing a new baby home can be very stressful for your dog, as there will be an overwhelming amount of new sights, sounds and smells that they’ll need to adjust to. When you bring a new child home, not only will your daily routine drastically change, your dog’s will too. Many dogs experience anxiety when their lifestyle changes, which can lead to unruly and damaging canine behavior. Whether you have your first baby on the way, or this will be your dog’s first new baby introduction, our certified dog trainers can help appropriately prepare you and your dog for the new addition to the family. Instead of waiting until your baby is born to start your Baby Preparation dog training classes, consider enrolling between your 4th and 6th month of pregnancy so you can get a head-start on preparing your dog for the road ahead.

*We recommend that you do not bring your dog to these training classes, so you can concentrate on the information being taught without your dog distracting you.

dreamstime_xxl_52647878Changing Your Dog’s Routine For The Baby

If you’ve already started planning for the arrival of your new baby, make sure to implement any routine changes you’ll be making well before the baby arrives. Depending on how deeply your dog is embedded into their daily routine, you may want to start gradually implementing these changes within the first few months of pregnancy. When you join us for one of our Baby Preparation classes at The Dog Wizard in Lake Norman, we’ll work with you on how to implement these changes based off of your dog’s personality and your unique situation. Contact our educated dog trainers today to learn more about our monthly Baby Preparation classes.

Preparing Your Dog For New Experiences

If your dog hasn’t spent much time around babies and young children, there’s a good chance your pooch could be afraid of them. After all, babies make loud, screeching noises, smell different, and move around on the floor in mysterious ways. When you enroll in one of our Baby Preparation classes, we’ll help you learn the best practices for introducing your dog to the similar sights, sounds and smells of a baby, so your pup is already familiar with them before you bring your new baby home.

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