Dog aggression and behavior problems are often the result of negative experiences, lack of socialization, fear and sometimes frustration. When your dog shows signs of aggression, the first thing our dog trainers will do is assess why your dog is behaving in the manner that they are. Predatory aggression cannot be corrected because it is directly linked to your dog’s instincts; however, you can be successful in managing your dog’s aggression by working with our dog trainers. We’ll show you how to efficiently teach your pooch impulse control by allowing appropriate outlets for them to use their prey drive and pent-up energy. No matter what type of dog aggression our trainers are working towards correcting, we advise all owners to actively commit to following the instructions, which can be found in your Lake Norman training program when you sign up for one of our dog training classes.


Fear aggression, dog aggression and predatory aggression are the most common forms of aggression our dog trainers deal with. This can include dog aggression towards people and children as well. In a situation like this, it is important that we reassign the role of leader to owners, instead of your dog, as to not allow your dog to incorrectly make a decision under stress and pressure. Strong leadership can significantly alter your dog’s need to react in a stressful situation. As soon as your dog understands that you are doing the decision making for them, your dog will be calmer and can make better choices. When you contact our certified dog trainers, we’ll work with you one-on-one to establish a well-respected role in your dog’s life.


It’s important to understand that dog aggression is very common. Dogs are not born aggressive, and aggression is not a natural state of mind for your dog. Something has shaped the aggressive behavior in your dog, and it is our goal at Lake Norman Dog Wizard to figure out what that is. More often than not, your dog is showing signs of aggression due to a lack of social skills that caused your dog to make a negative association due to one or two bad experiences in the past. When a dog’s social skills are lacking, their aggressive actions likely come out of fear and not anger. If you want your dog to feel comfortable around dogs, people or other social situations, contact our dog trainers today. We’ll work with both you and your dog to correct their unwanted aggressive behavior, so your pooch can feel comfortable in any situation.

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