Our family is so thankful for Doug. His philosophy about dog training and the knowledge he has is fantastic and spot on. He has made my pups life so much better by helping us supply her with structure but also not making her a robot.

-Michelle S. 

I cannot say enough good things about Doug, and the other trainers, that worked so patiently with me and my dog, Major. Major is a nervous doberman by personality and became very unsure of himself and everything going on around him after we had moved. He had become aggressive with other dogs which was completely new behavior for him, constantly trembling, barking, just out of control. When Major came back from training, he really has been a new dog. There's good and bad days but overall he is much happier and more calm. I have control over my dog and we are able to go for walks, play fetch, and was even able to introduce him to another dog. The change isn't instant, and we are still both a work in progress, but it is a night and day difference. The trainers really do enjoy what they do and care for your dog AND you! They have given me my dog and peace of mind back.

-Logan F.

We took our rescued 17 month old Doberman in for the 2 week sleep away camp. It was clear from the rescue that Duke had never learned any obedience commands and had a problem focusing his energy. Our boy is very sweet, but high energy! After working with Gretchen and Jonathan, Duke came home more calm and totally responsive to us. I was worried that his personality may be different, somehow less sweet. The opposite was true. He is now so confident and secure in knowing what we want, and he is eager to show us. Now, it isn't a one and done deal. It requires us to be diligent and consistent at home. I can honestly say that anytime we have had a challenge with him afterwards, I can attribute it more to us than to him. I am happy to highly recommend them to help your fur babies.

-Chip P.

This Dog Wizard and Doug are phenomenal. My dog Stark was a rescue and like so many other rescues, who knows what he had been through. Stark was kennel aggressive and resource guarding, separation anxiety, on top of being a very nervous dog all the time, and not knowing basic manners. I had tried other training and as many techniques as I could and nothing has worked until The Dog Wizard. Stark returned home a calm and ready to listen dog. He knows all of his basic manners on top of them training him kennel command. We can go on walks again without him being reactive to bikes, kids, and cars, and he doesn't drag me anymore. They helped with resource guarding and walked me through everything. They have took their time and done in home visits, and taught me how to help my dog remain the calm and confident. I am so happy with all of the staff and that the dog wizard will help for the life of your dog. I am still in disbelief how much it helped, and wish I would have went to them sooner!

-Ruth S.

I can’t tell you how much a difference The Dog Wizard has made in our lives. I highly recommend them! Our dog Roxy was a bolter, and we chased her countless times around our neighborhood. Several times she would run up to the main road, and we were terrified Roxy was going get hit by a car. However, after her training at the Dog Wizard, she is like a new dog. We can now take her outside with us and not be afraid she will bolt off. I can also take her to my kids games and let her run and have fun. As much time as we like to spend outdoors, it has been life changing for us to be able to include Roxy in all our family activities without the anxiety of her taking off. Thanks Dog Wizard!

-Raeanna C.

Doug was great to work with. Very patient and knowledgeable.

-James M.